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                      814 Rider Street    Parish, NY    13131                  

     Clerk of Session                        (315) 625 - 4304                   Mrs. Julie Raner, Organist







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Parish- Hastings Presbyterian Church Time-line

33 A.D. Church of Jesus Christ begins

1840    John Miller, Phillip Crim, Nancy Gripman, Catherine Carpen, Thomas Och, Conroods Maurs, left the Mexico Presbyterian Church to form a Presbyterian Church in Parish.

1887    The Reverend Wallace Lucas preached at Parish Town Hall.

1890    Sunday School organized.

            LS Crandall gave lot for building.

1893, March    Parish Presbyterian Church organized.

JW Harter, JL Davis, Hosea Pickens, LS Crandall, Frank Mills, Arthur White

1893, Nov.      Church legally organized.   Church building dedicated. (building cost $2200)   “The Society”  20 members

                        70 children in Sunday School

1893-1895       Rev. EW Twitchell

1895-1986       Rev. Fred Watkins

                        Young people pay for wall papering and painting

1887-1888       Rev. Henry H Lipes

1889-1901       Rev. Edward F Green

1905                Lena Courbat baptized

1907. Jan.        The Reverend John Thorpe called to serve both Parish & Hastings churches.  Salary   $350

                        Lizzie Wilson donates Manse on Church Street

1915                First pledge cards

1917-1918       Reverend John W Dennis $350 from each of the two churches.

                        Disposed of Manse furniture.

1922                The Reverend Leon Lacey- built building behind the  Manse—used for youth activities  (Salary - $1500 and use of Manse)

1929-1931       The Reverend Edgar Mitchell

1932-1935       Harold McGilvory-  Auburn Seminary student

1935-1937       The Reverend FA Manduren

1937- ?            Vernon Smith Auburn Seminary student

1939-1941       Presbyterians & Methodists discuss uniting, hold joint services

                        Robert Layer & Alan McKenzie, seminary students, and the Reverend John Hiner

1942                Church closed for the winter.

1943-1948       The Reverend William Bengail

1950-1951       Charles Ellwanger  (student?)

1952                Fred Wedmier  (student?)

1953                Church budget is $3000

1954-1956       The Reverend Max House (with Mexico Presbyterian)

1956                The Reverend Joseph Clarke 

                        Mortgage is $400

1950’s-1960’s 100 plus children in Sunday School.  Bussed in.

                        No bathrooms & only the sanctuary building     

1962                Eleanor Cusack (Jacobson) begins playing organ

Late 60’s          VBS with Methodist at the Manse & grange

1960                Eleanor Cusack (Jacobson) joins the church

1975                The Reverend Chaffey

                        Edna Dean joins the church, teaches VBS at Methodist church

19??-19??        Worship services alternate bi-monthly between Parish and Hastings

19??                 The Reverend Earl Arnold

1996                Jackie Murphy joins the church

1996-2000       The Reverend Susan Wilhem

                        Julie Raven joins 1997

1999                Holly Craven joins the church

                        The furnace blows up

2001- present The Reverend Dr. Susan Alloway

2001                Parish VBS reborn





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